“In life, it’s not about the destination; it’s all about the journey…”
Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director of Percept, India’s largest and only entertainment, media and communications conglomerate is a man with many talents.

Some know him as a Sports Marketing Guru, some perceive him as an Advertising wiz, some recognize him as a Bollywood Producer and some acknowledge him as a shrewd Deal Maker, but one common image that everyone who has come in contact with SS, is that of a man with an undying spirit, inexhaustible ideas, and a supremely optimistic attitude towards life.

What sets him apart is his razor-sharp memory and infectious energy, which he has channelized over the years towards dreaming of the impossible and strategizing ways and means to make it a reality.

It is this very quality that has defined this man over the past two decades to enable him to make unparalleled contributions to the areas of Advertising, Sports, Talent, Content and CSR.

Here’s an attempt to capture SS’s fascinating journey.